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Explorer 510 Overview

The Explorer 510 is your own personal smarthub. It is engineered to run on Inmarsat's reliable global network and with the exception of the extreme polar regions of the planet you will always get a signal; globally! It is small enough to fit snug into a pack just like a laptop and rugged enough to stand up to extreme conditions so it is always ready when you need it most.

  • Ruggedized

    The Explorer 510 is built to withstand anything mother nature can throw at it so you can concentrate on what matters to you most.

  • Simply Connect

    Connecting is simple and using the Explorer 510 is even more simple. Simply connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and go!

  • Inmarsat

    On Inmarsat's network you will enjoy a signal no matter where you are on the planet except for extreme polar regions.

  • Robust

    A magnesium casing, IP66 rating, and an integrated battery pack; it is dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets.

  • Compact

    The Explorer 510 is much smaller than a standard laptop, but will still fit your need for performance and is easy to setup and operate.

  • Work Remotely

    It is the perfect choice when working off the beaten track but still dependent on a reliable connection; great for a remote office.

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Explorer 510 Features

The Explorer 510 provides simultaneous high quality voice and Internet access at speeds up to 464 kbps. You can use your smart device to make calls or very easily access the Internet with areas that have absolutely no coverage whatsoever. The Explorer 510 is a true communication smarthub and gives you access to it from any device no matter what the screen size.

Since the 510 is smaller than a standard laptop you can carry it anywhere you want simply in a bag. When you need to use it just easily connect via wi-fi or usb and you are ready to go. The Connect App is designed specifically with the customer in mind so it is very easy to use so you can concentrate on what you need to!

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Representatives Are Always Available - 1-844-248-0123

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Inmarsat's Network

You are always in touch with Inmarsat's network! With Inmarsat's reliable global network you are covered with the exception of the extreme polar regions of the planet. So, if you are hunting, exploring, or simply need a connection for a remote office to work off of the grid you can count on Inmarsat's network to keep you safe and connected!